Go (h)OM(e)—You’re Drunk

There is an intoxication which lasts far longer than any liquor known to man, a drink that can grow stronger the longer it stays in one’s system.
I’ve seen it last for decades.

Just as alcohol slurs the mind, decisions, and intellect, so does this poison—a million times over.

Its label?

It eats away at the liver of one’s patience,
It expands the pores of your suffering,

And if drinking and driving don’t mix, then driving and simmering surely do not the same.

Sit down and be quiet.
You are drunk,
and this is the edge of the cliff.

Drowning in anger can make one hurl oneself off the edge of the cliff without a second thought. It engages one’s human programming, and begins to try to accomplish things from the “logical” physical mind, forgetting that the metaphysical actually works opposite to the way things seem they should on paper…

Don’t chase—let it come.

Don’t grip to control—let it flow.

Don’t change with force—let it merge with you as One.


Love, not lash.


Enlightening is extremely hard.
There are no magickal switches to flip, no overnight delivery buttons to push.
It takes work.

But once it has been tasted… glimpsed… kissed…
One cannot go back.
There is no other choice but forward.
You can’t go back into The Matrix.

The path of awakening is not about positive emotions. On the contrary, enlightenment may not be easy or positive at all—It is not easy to have our illusions crushed.

How then is one expected to cope?

By going Home.
By returning to the Root.
By rewinding to the Seed.

By starting over.


And that’s okay.


There will never be peace outside.
The only peace there will ever be is inside.


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