K, Ready? On Three…

It was this day,
this time,
three years ago,
that Melissa and I were in the hospital,
waiting forever in a tiny room to hear the results of unknown discussions about us by unknown peoples in unknown other rooms.

Were we going to be rejected from this place with our desired plans further un-planned?
Or were we going to be ejected from this place with our desired child in hand?

We had intended to have a private birth with a midwife (the same midwife who delivered my five youngest siblings, no less!) in our own home, but a slight complication sent us to an actual hospital after all, so here we sat, waiting.

The longest afternoon…

And evening…

And night of my life…


But then,
at 5:00AM,
I saw a 7lb 4oz angel—19.5″ of heaven—
for the first time

My daughter was before my eyes,
and in my arms.

And my life was eternally changed.

Julia Renee – June 25, 2010

And now my little JuJu Bird is turning THREE years old!

My tiny baby who slept on Daddy’s chest is now a 24lb, 35″ monkey with the vocabulary of a 13 year old!
How did this happen?

Julia Renee – June 23, 2013


Well, she still loves to just lay on Daddy’s chest, so I guess some things will never change.
A Daddy can hope, right? <3


I’ll love you forever,
I’ll like you for always,
As long as I’m living,
My baby you’ll be.






  1. Teresa aka Mom says:

    and I love you my firstborn child…you have truly become an amazing daddy in the last 3 years! it has warmed my heart over and over to see you so interactive with Juju and the triplets…many many harvests of blessings you are sowing during these years of raising the ones given to you for protection. Mom

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