This Womb


So… this is Freshness.
This is a deliberate swirling of my Atmosphere.

My Awareness is waking again— never realizing it had even drifted to sleep— to discover its previous “Birth” was only an emerging to a greater Womb…

Wombs within Wombs.

And so another two years have passed, that version of me revealed only to be the Doula of Me, to deliver this… Me.

In reviewing my words of these past two years, I find part of that place is once again this place:
(See Death… and Rebirth)

Making time for mySelf has been the foremost message coming at me from every angle lately.
How can I even begin to help others, if I do not help myself first?
How can anyone support, if they have no foothold themselves?
How can One heal, if they themselves are unhealthy?

And so I have been pondering and searching… examining everything to find small ways to begin slipping my own projects, my own passions here and there between the busy-ness of Life…

I see writing has been my anchor before… and it is something I have felt urged to pursue more fervently… for years…

So… welcome to my Mind. ૐ

And this incarnation feels more… old?
Three years of partnering, two years of fathering, one year of leading, and I feel it is now time to get serious.

In this blog, I intend to fully bare all— past, present, future— all rambling and processing completely exposed.
I am currently human, and will also be so as long as these lungs receive my Mother’s milk. No matter what hats I don or what roles I’m seen as, I am only a man walking beside every other man, figuring things out an hour at a time.

And what matters above all is the Image I choose.


(And the bottom line is still… L O V E.)


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