Confirmation No. 42-02112011

It is now forty-two days into the Year of Our Lloyd 2011, and I believe I am finally absorbing glimpses and feeling impressions of what this year is weaving behind the scenes…
The stones I am to step to slide into sight as I move ever forward with my Light— though, admittedly, more cautious than need be. The flame of this Candle aloft has shuddered and shook, but has yet to release its grip on this Wick.
And if I have not been extinguished by now, what is left then for me to fear now?
The temperature’s rising, melting this snow,
promising spring as it kisses my nose,
images seeping deep in my mind,
forming so slowly,
painting sublime
whispers of tree friends deep in the earth,
wrapping their moist roots,
hugging my Birth,
grasslands uproaring,
praising the Sun,
solar absorption soaking in One,
fluttering feathers and wings all around,
emotions and union dewing up from the ground,
canvases, sketchpads bursting above,
children and siblings shedding their Love,
planets aligning, foretold in the bold 
magical days of understanding the Old…


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