It is the eye of the storm that holds the calmness, and we have two of them.
We are the Eyes.
One of my lessons of late has been to hold my own, to maintain my personal integrity, no matter what is happening around me. Even when the energy is whipping a froth around us, we do not have to swirl with it. We may feel it, but it is our choice if we become it.
When we come to a puddle in the road, we can either walk through it, or around it— and there is no telling how deep a puddle is until we are IN it! When we react to something in our environment, we are choosing to approve, accept, and resonate with it, which feeds that energy right back to it, further amplifying it within the environment, round and round, deeper and deeper.
But if we are able to remember who WE are, and stand steadily in that authenticity, not only do we deflect absorbing that disruptive energy and ground it, but we create an alternate energy that in turn can provide a space of clarity and insight to all around. You more easily see the reality of what is happening without the reactive habits, and become a brick wall the cycle cannot flow through.
All sides are bettered, solutions are clearer, AND you have broadcasted to the Universe that you are Here unshakably in your rightful place at a frequency that is impossible to be jammed— and you become stronger in yourSelf each time you exercise this!
This is OM MANI PADME HUM… observing from the Heart Cave… consciously acting, rather than REacting…
[ ૐ x ∞ ]

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  1. Melissa Rae says:

    you are growing and have grown so much … feel the love swirl around you … spiraling out from within your own heart …. touching the infinite world all around you … inhale…exhale … and release ….. for you are more than the eye sees and your expansiveness is more than you conceive … you feel and see just one aspect of many of you … and your potential is vast … extensive ….. and liberates you to no end. you are not bound by space and time. you ARE space and time. I love you …. from the deepest space love dwells and never tire of doing so. Peace. At ease. You are doing fine.

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