It is SO hard to not be disHeartened by this place.
Everywhere I turn is such devastation… such misunderstanding… such miscommunication… such violence… such selfishness… such immaturity… such pain.
How does one move through this ocean fully clothed?
People who clearly know better abandon hope to arguing and battling, refusing to listen, much less stand corrected… while others full out attack those who are different regardless of reality— threat or no threat…
What is the purpose of being here?
Why have we come?
In my awakening, in my reClaiming of mySelf, it seems these things step out of the woodwork and present themselves before me, demanding my attention, my assistance. In the past, my inability to set healthy boundaries against the Takers led to the shutting down and closing off that I struggle to reOpen in this time. In returning, I feel the old pressures, the same panic to act, the “rush” to hurry and do what is asked of me, trying to set in as each sits before me.
But I do not have to.
It IS up to me.
I CAN say No, when needed.  
And discretion IS mine.
All I see, feel, hear, or can do does not HAVE to be revealed or done.
Skillfulness in all things.
And make sure I myself have enough time… to process… to clear… to balance… to heal.
How can the sick help the sick?


  1. Melissa Rae says:

    You must take care of yourself and your needs or you will be good to no one. I love you. We all slip sometimes. The true testament is if you get up or stay down for the count.There has been tremendous growth inside you. I am so proud. So very proud.

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